Global superstars BTS are no doubt the most successful K-Pop idol group ever in history.

They are adored by legions of fans all across the world and have rekindled the K-Pop flare that once seemed to be gradually dying. Among their ridiculously long list of record setting accomplishments, one of them includes their recent appearance as guest at UNICEF’s ‘Generation Unlimited’. They’re the only K-Pop idol to have performed in large US stadiums. They’ve done what major corporate K-Pop agencies such as SM, JYP, and YG failed to do, make a breakthrough within the US music market while maintaining the integrity of K-Pop.

But despite the success and love that they have seen, there have also been instances where they have been looked down upon as well.

Below are four events that they’ve had to deal with.


ABC News Anchor Kendis Gibson

BTS‘s appearance as guest speakers for UNICEF’s ‘Generation Unlimited’ has been quite an extraordinary achievement as they are the only K-Pop idol group to have ever appeared at the event.

However, the global superstars have also been looked down upon recently as well, something that we haven’t seen ever since boy band CNCO mocked them during a radio interview.

BTS fans, ARMY, weren’t too happy about what ABC news anchor Kendis Gibsonrecently had to say about the idol group’s speech at the UN event.

Fans complained that it was inappropriate for Gibson to say “spreading their legs” when describing BTS’s choreography and also claimed that the news anchor was using a “sarcastic tone” when he said the ‘Love Myself’ campaign was poetic. In addition, the fans also weren’t happy about Gibson referring to BTS as “bunch of boy bands from Korea.” They criticized ABC of unprofessionalism.

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Farandula 40 Compared Them To  LGBT Group With Bad Hairstyles And Fashion

The hosts of the show ‘Farandula 40’ insulted BTS members by saying that the Billboard Awards stage didn’t look like an awards ceremony but more like a night show for adults because of them standing there. One of the hosts even asked if they were men, saying that they looked like an LGBT group lost in Cancun.


CNCO Mocks BTS’s Music

An audio recording with translations surfaced online and they could be heard mocking BTS’s and the Korean language. Needless to say, fans and South Korean netizens were instantly triggered.


Roman Kemp Labels Their Music As “Noise”

Roman Kemp of London-based radio show Capital Breakfast made a statement about the K-Pop idol group’s music recently as ‘IDOL’ was aired.

After the song ended, Kemp stated

“That was BTS and Nicki Minaj, that noise that you were just hearing there.”

In addition, Kemp has said before in the past that it was difficult for him to relate with other K-Pop fans as he isn’t sure whether idols’ fame is based on actual musicality and instead seems to lean towards the opinion that the fame is rather based on looks.

Inevitably, BTS fans weren’t too happy about what they’ve heard.

bts roman kemp


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