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YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK often like to have fun and sometimes mess with their managers and staff members.

Despite being superstars, they’re some of the most down-to-earth people on the planet, always looking to have fun.

There have been various moments in the past where BLACKPINK members were having a little too much fun messing with the staff members.

You can watch some of the adorable interactions below.


When they ask why he’s dressed up all the time, and tries to embarrass him by getting him on screen. Of course, he makes a run for it as soon as he notices.


It’s bad enough one has to walk around wearing this costume, it must be so hot inside. The girls hilariously tease him.


Some people are a bit shy, and are even shyer when they have to be on camera. Look at Lisa’s hilarious reaction.


Again, it really must be uncomfortable wearing this thing around everywhere, yet the girls decide to have a bit of fun and try twisting the head.


If you’re not great at bowling, you’re probably going to get a similar reaction from BLACKPINK if you happen to play with them.


The girl group’s online concert ‘THE SHOW’ is scheduled to kick off on January 31st!

Stay tuned for updates!


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