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The judges of Mnet’s dance competition show, especially NCT Taeyong, have recently been involved in controversy over their professional competence.

Street Woman Fighter is currently a viral dance show in Korea. The contestants are all professional dancers who are well-known choreographers for famous artists. The judges including performance director Hwang Sang Hoon, veteran singer BoA and NCT Taeyong have sparked controversy because many netizens think that they are not qualified enough to judge and determine the victory in this dance competition.

Mnet spoke up to defend NCT Taeyong in response to viewers’ criticism

In response to the controversy over the selection of judges, the production crew of Street Woman Fighter recently spoke up to give explanation. The show’s representative said that in order to bring the street dance genre closer to the viewers, the production crew and the judges had to put in a lot of effort. The dancers are of different ages, so the judges are carefully picked to represent the perspectives of different generations.

Mnet spoke up to defend NCT Taeyong in response to viewers’ criticism

Hwang Sang Hoon has more than 20 years experience as a performance director for top Korean artists. BoA ​​is the role model for every female soloist. She is also the singer who paved the way for the Hallyu wave. Taeyong is the main dancer of the global group NCT and is known for his trendy style.

The judges of Mnet’s dance program “Street Woman Fighter” have put their 100% experience into the show so that they could help the dancers get nearer to the public.

Mnet spoke up to defend NCT Taeyong in response to viewers’ criticism

Director Hwang Sang Hoon’s main focuses are the techniques and the basic skills of the choreographies and the dancers who can attract the audience and not be pressured by their opponents. BoA pays more attention to the dance moves that the dancers use to defeat their rivals and their stage presences. Meanwhile, Taeyong, who has changed his concepts many times during NCT’s activities and is also the choreographer of the viral dance in Kick It, shows his respect to the dancers as if they are the rookies of the new generations.

The production team added, “As the leader of NCT 127, Tae Yong could become the representative for the feelings of the leaders as he can sympathize with the hardships that the leaders of each crew have been through.“. In addition, the views of the judges’ fancams are really high, and this could help boost the show’s popularity and promote it to international fans.


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