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On June 29, Minzy appeared on the SBS PowerFM radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” to talk about how her public image has changed over time, why she writes her own lyrics, dieting, and more.

First, Minzy spoke about the changes in her appearance. She said, “In the past, I always had short hair. The ‘girl crush’ vibes were strong. Now, I’ve grown my hair out, and I wear dresses, so people ask me if I’m really Gong Minzy.”

Minzy revealed that she had no interest in dolling herself up ever since she was young. “I just wore whatever the stylists gave me,” she said. “Nowadays, I’m interested in fashion. I’ve started to pay attention to my fashion more, and I’m trying many new things.”

Minzy also talked about how difficult the three years away from the industry felt to her before she released her newest song “LOVELY.” She said, “I was depressed, and I needed my heart to rest. Whenever I felt that way, I thought to myself that I should write lyrics about how I feel.”

She continued, “I slowly began to write my own lyrics, and that healed me. I hope those who feel the same way as me will be able to heal after listening to my music.”

When asked about what she has been interested in these days, Minzy answered, “Lately, I’ve been into barley grass. I’m into healthy food. I was focused on my diet because I needed to go on music shows, and that’s how I started to eat barley grass.”

She added, “Barley grass is good for my bowel movements. I’m the type to keep eating something once I’m hooked.”

In response to a listener who revealed that they are dieting but love ice cream too much, Minzy responded, “I like ice cream too. However, I dieted a lot since I was young, so I habitually manage what I eat. I don’t eat ice cream unless I want it really badly. When that happens and I eat a little bit, I feel better.”

Minzy also talked about how her tomboy concept from the past didn’t resemble her true self. She said, “I wanted to speak up a lot, but I couldn’t because of my concept.”

Yet, Minzy expressed her everlasting love for her job. “I enjoyed dancing ever since I was little,” she said. “It’s so exciting and fun that I love doing it as my job.”

Minzy continued, “I still have a dark side to me whenever I dance. I can dance with a different vibe for every song, but I still have that habit of being dark.” She joked, “I have to show off lovely facial expressions for my newest song, but embarrassingly enough, I had an evil and rebellious smile on my face.”

Check out the music video for “LOVELY” here!

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