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had just made their comeback with their latest title track ‘Crush’ and if you have yet to check out their music video, you can do so below.

The boys will be promoting on various music shows for ‘Crush’ but before that, they have been hyping their comeback by releasing #Crush_Challenge on their official TikTok channel.

The videos showed how much the boys have grown by putting a comparison video of how they were dancing when they were really young!

MCND Shows How Much They Have Grown By Travelling Back To The Past With #Crush_Challenge

TOP Media

It looked as if the dance videos were taken when they were just accepted as trainees under TOP Media and fans love how young adorable they were. Castle J was 17, BIC and Win were 15, MinJae and HuiJun were only 13!

Even at such a young age, each of the members were already good at dancing. Some fans also pointed out that they love these kind of videos and hope that they will release even more of their pre-debut days content.

Adding on, it was also shocking to learn that they have more than 1.08 million followers on TikTok and also receiving lots of love from TikTok users.

@mcndofficial_🔥 전원 메댄돌 #MCND 과거부터 보인 댄서 재질?!🔥 2018년 15살 윈 ▶️ 2021년 18살 윈 🐰 #Crush_Challenge #우당탕챌린지♬ 우당탕 (Crush) – MCND

If you are interested to get updates from them, make sure to follow them on TikTok above.

Are you in love with their TikTok dance challenge for ‘Crush’?



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