McDonald’s in Indonesia closes early due to influx of ‘BTS set’ orders – KpopHit

Article: “Give us the BTS set” McDonald’s Indonesia close shop due to swarming crowds

Source: Chosun Ilbo via Naver

1. [+2,303, -44] Who would’ve ever thought that our country’s singer would become models for McDonald’s all over the world? You never know with life. I could never have imagined this in the 90s.

2. [+1,947, -37] Wow, they’re so impactful

3. [+1,370, -46] Fresh chicken nuggets are so damn good

4. [+119, -4] The red M has always been so iconic… who knew that BTS’ color purple would be used… BTS is the best

5. [+106, -7] BTS has already surpassed the Beatles and Michael Jackson in terms of impact

6. [+97, -3] Wow… amazing! BTS!

7. [+95, -7] I’m not trying to hate on Psy or Rain but… I’m astonished at how out of this world BTS is compared to their ‘world star’ or ‘Gangnam Style’ fame..

8. [+65, -1] BTS is no longer a group that only a few niche groups in the US enjoy. They’ve become a major brand now that they’ve collaborated with a brand as big as McDonald’s.

9. [+53, -3] I’m just an ajusshi so I’ve never been into idols or anything but seeing BTS’ influence all over the world made me support them out of pride for my country. I’ve fallen for them now with their humility and talent! ㅎㅎ BTS and Black Pink are most definitely sweeping up the world. They’re the best!

10. [+41, -2] Honestly, a Korean group of this level should be earning praise all over our media, but all of our media companies are dead quiet. What a strange country we live in… how is it that other countries are reporting on them more often than we are?


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