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MBLAQ’s Mir candidly revealed the special treatment celebrities are given.

Recently, on his YouTube channel MIRBANG, Mir posted a video about the kinds of special treatment celebrities tend to receive.

Mir started, “I do wonder if special treatment is necessary, but I am grateful about some things, so I will talk about them first. Of course, there are some things that make me happy, like when I go to restaurants and [the owners] give me complimentary food because they recognize me or they don’t want me to pay for my meal. However, I’m sure no one thinks of it as a given and just goes, ‘Okay. I’ll be on my way then.’ Of course I pay, but I’m just thankful for their kind words.” Mir also shared that celebrities get discounts when they buy something and expressed his gratefulness for it.

Then Mir opened up about the wrong kind of special treatment. He said, “For example, [it’s wrong] if I go to a cafe while filming something and cut in front of the line just because I have to go quickly. Or if I’m late and the airline is understanding about it. Honestly, I don’t think we should receive special treatment about these kind of things. There are some celebrities who think they should naturally be treated that way then. If that happens, it’s not good for any of us.”

Mir also spoke up about the “special treatment” that feels really frustrating to experience. He shared, “One time, I went to a bar with a friend. I don’t drink though. Some older men recognized me and told me to come over. They were already talking informally to me. I really wish people won’t do that even though they’re older than me, but I try to understand it and not dwell on it too much. I don’t want to quarrel about such things.”

He continued to tell his story of how the men made him pour them a drink and then they poured him a drink in return. He told them he wasn’t able to drink, and they got angry at him. He added that there are many obstinate people like that.

Mir revealed there are also groups of people where a few of them will be like, “Oh, it’s Mir,” and that one person will loudly ask, “Who is he? Is he a celebrity?” He shared his frustration at how there will always be that one person who purposely speaks loudly about him in a rude manner. He admitted, “Even though I don’t want to think about it, I honestly don’t feel great. Their sarcastic tone makes me unhappy.”

Lastly, Mir said, “There are many articles nowadays. Unlike before, there are many things you can encounter. There are many different types of media. It’s a world where you can see everything on your cell phone. It’s a world where you can leave a comment with it, too. Please write nice comments that will make everyone happy. [It would be nice] if you could encourage them.”

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