MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Proves She’s A Glamorous Queen In Her Latest Sexy Bodysuit – KpopHit

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa graced the stage at the 2020 Gaon Chart Music Awards and slayed her performance of “Twit”!

hwasa bodysuit 2020 15

She debuted another one of her sexy outfits – this time a gorgeous one-shoulder black bodysuit with rhinestone fishnet stockings!

hwasa bodysuit 3

As expected, Hwasa took the stage as she burned up the stadium with her sexy charisma!

hwasa bodysuit 2020 16


Every single moment was full of her femme fatal-like charms as she stole everyone’s hearts with a single performance!

hwasa bodysuit 2020 1

hwasa bodysuit 2020 13

Literally everyone wouldn’t stop talking about how sexy Hwasa was in her skin-tight body suit!

hwasa bodysuit 2020 14

hwasa bodysuit 2020 10

They praised her god-gifted physique as well as her stunning ability to own the stage just by herself!

hwasa bodysuit 1

“If only I had her kind of body…”

“As expected of Hot Hwasa!”

“Her thighs are incredible!”

“Her legs are so pretty. She has thick thighs but small calves. She looks beautiful and healthy!”

“Hwasa is the best on stage”

— K-Netizens

Another legendary moment by the legendary queen. What else would you expect?

hwasa bodysuit 2020 12

hwasa bodysuit 2020 8


All hail the sexy queen, Hwasa!

hwasa bodysuit 2

Check out her full performance below:

Source: Spot TV and TV Daily

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