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MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa revealed how she keeps it simple by just carrying THREE items in her purse—and they are definitely not what you’d expect, but for a surprising reason!

Source: 나혼자산다 STUDIO/YouTube

While most people carry a plethora of things in their purse or bags, ranging from keys to their wallet(s) to a book, and so much more, Hwasa keeps it simple. Hwasa carries just three items with her in her purse.

Source: 나혼자산다 STUDIO/YouTube

The first item she carries with her is lip balm. Not terribly surprising, as it’s a common staple in many purses worldwide.

Source: 나혼자산다 STUDIO/YouTube

The second item is car keys, which isn’t surprising except for the fact that Hwasa seems confused by the fact that she carries them with her. (Lol)

Source: 나혼자산다 STUDIO/YouTube

And, finally, perhaps the coolest item of all: a full-sized bottle of Chanel perfume. Hwasa shared that she’s been using the same bottle of perfume for three years! That’s pretty incredible!

Source: 나혼자산다 STUDIO/YouTube

Were you surprised by what was (and what wasn’t) in Hwasa’s purse? Watch the whole clip below for 100% Hwasa goodness.

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