MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And Sunmi Warm Hearts By Showing Love And Support For One Another – KpopHit

Sunmi and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa delighted fans with an adorable show of support for one another!

The two singers recently made their comebacks at the same time, with both Sunmi and Hwasa releasing new music on June 29. Since then, both artists have been making the rounds and performing their new title tracks on music shows together.

For fans who have been fretting over which solo queen to stan, Hwasa has the answer: both!

On July 6, Sunmi took to Instagram Stories to share a Polaroid that she’d snapped with Hwasa backstage at SBS’s “Inkigayo.” At the bottom of the photo, Hwasa wrote an adorable message that combined “María,” the title of her solo mini album and its accompanying title track, with “pporappippam,” the title track of Sunmi’s new single (which literally translates to “purple-tinted night”).

Hwasa wrote on the Polaroid, “pporappi María [purple-tinted María]. Let’s go, unnie!” before affectionately adding a heart and a smiley face.

For any conflicted multi-stans—problem solved!

Watch Sunmi and Hwasa on the latest episode of “Inkigayo” below!

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