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Video: Male idol group goes crazy for New Jeans during their live stream

Source: Sojang via YouTube

1. [+377] It was embarrassing watching their live the entire time. Even their real fans were like “you can stop now~”, “please stop talking about New Jeans” while other fans were speaking up like “this is f*cked up, shut up already” and it was obvious that they were reading it all but kept bringing up the TikToks over and over and recounting the experience on repeat 😡 Ni-ki was even like “I’d like to record another one with New Jeans if there’s time next time”. They were totally acting like those ugly male students who get all excited when a pretty new girl transfers to their school and she’s all they can talk about all day. If they’re acting like this in front of their own fans, I can’t imagine how much they’re talking about New Jeans in their dorms… so obvious 👊 And what?? “We just want to help promote them”??? Your previous album didn’t even make it into the charts while New Jeans is #1 right now on the digital charts, who’s promoting who?? Please know your place…

2. [+304] Reminds me of a certain hip hop has been who basically kept his eye on a female idol when she was a minor and started hitting on her the second she turned 20. Apparently they were introduced to each other through a male idol in the same company who’s known to be a bit of a madame. Min Hee Jin, please protect New Jeans ㅠㅠ I already felt uncomfortable with the girls being exposed to all these different male and female idols under the guise of doing challenges together, and it grossed me out seeing some male idols get all red in the face, nostrils flaring, practically drooling at the chance of doing a Hybe challenge with them. You guys all know that there are a lot of men in their twenties lately advocating for ‘loli’ as a personal fetish? New Jeans is so pretty to even us so can you imagine how many ba$tards are keeping an eye on them too? We have to be more cautious and make sure that they’re not going to become victims of grooming as minors. They have a member who just barely graduated elementary school. Just because they’re all dolled up doesn’t mean male idols in their twenties and thirties should be granted full access to them. I’m also reminded of a male idol in his twenties who’s already dated three teen female singers. 

3. [+449] Please don’t mess with New Jeans…

4. [+170] New Jeans just barely debuted, they’re totally babies;; to be talking about them for over 30 minutes on a V live with their fans… what is this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+259] New Jeans, children… you guys will get to date amazing, more spectacular men in the future when the time comes.. do not feel pressured to hang out with low standard men right now

6. [+155] It’s so damn hilarious to me that ENHYPEN actually thinks they’re “helping promote” New Jeans when New Jeans is sweeping every digital chart right now while ENHYPEN didn’t even make it into the top 100 (let alone the top 1,000) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they’re basically riding on New Jeans’ coattails right now ㅠ

7. [+230] It’s honestly so embarrassing that they’re acting like New Jeans’ seniors when they’re honestly more nugu than New Jeans who just debuted… I noticed at Hybe’s outdoor retreat, Sunghoon was acting like he didn’t know Hong Eunchae’s name even though she was wearing a name tag ㅋㅋ they need to come down to reality. I wish they’d disappear from Hybe along with that rigged group.

8. [+108] They weren’t trying to help promote New Jeans. They were 100% acting on their personal feelings. They barely have time to spend on these lives but they spent 30 minutes of it talking about New Jeans this, New Jeans that ㅋㅋㅋ They’re #500 on the weekly charts, who do they think they’re trying to help? And you could tell that they were absolutely enamored with New Jeans every time they were talking about them ㅋㅋ seems like ENHYPEN is getting away with anything just because they don’t have a lot of domestic fans

9. [+33] To be talking about another girl group for 30 minutes on a live with your fans… that’s blatantly saying they’re interested in them, is it not?

10. [+152] For a male idol to be talking about a female idol for 30 minutes? Such a lack of professionalism

11. [+21] Please don’t mess with New Jeans…

12. [+31] But honestly, for a male idol to bring up a female idol at all is such a sensitive issue with fans. One of the scandals that fans are most serious about is dating scandals…

13. [+2] I’m an ENHYPEN fan and I honestly did think it was pretty bad. They started talking about New Jeans during the live and I figured they could spend a few minutes on it since they recorded a TikTok together and all but they kept going on and on…. and I was thinking “this doesn’t feel right” ㅠㅜ

14. [+81] So the live wasn’t for ENHYPEN fans.. it was just an ENHYPEN fanboying over New Jeans live. Try as they might, they will never get into a dating scandal with New Jeans so please just keep your fanboying to yourself and stop doing things that might drop Hybe’s stock prices..

15. [+58] Aren’t New Jeans total babies?… I mean…

16. [+37] Flop-dol ENHYPEN who is #500 on the weekly charts saying they’re promoting New Jeans who is #1 on the digital charts ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.. yeah, who do you think you’re promoting when you’re Hybe’s negative bank account ㅜ

17. [+26] You’d think that if they were from a survival competition, they’d be more desperate to hold on to their fame right now ㅠㅠ I’m surprised that a staff member didn’t cut off this mess of a live stream. I’d be too embarrassed as a fan to ever claim them as my group. They’re totally acting like a rookie group that’s about to disband tomorrow so they don’t care anymore.

18. [+91] Even if they wanted to date New Jeans, the girls are so far out of their league ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

19. [+2] You can’t even use the excuse that they were just trying to look out for their juniors because New Jeans is way more popular than them right now ㅋㅋ

20. [+31] Promoting their juniors? More like trying to ride on their coattails… I never even knew they existed until I watched Hybe’s outdoor retreat


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