Lovelyz expresses their hurt over the criticisms against their 'Sixth Sense' cover ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Lovelyz after their BEG ‘Sixth Sense’ cover “Our entire lives were up for hate”

Source: Newsen by the use of Nate

On the netizen reactions to their ‘Sixth Sense’ cover, the participants mentioned, “We never cared for hate comments up until this point. Comments about our looks are subjective so I never felt hurt by them, but comments about our Queendom performance had such a strong backlash, it felt like our entire lives were up for hate. I don’t care what people choose to judge but it was difficult dealing with all of our personal lives being put up on the chopping block over that one stage.”

1. [+856, -45] This sounds ridiculous taking into account that they are those who did not do smartly at the cover. Why would you lip sync on a survival display? What makes that aggressive in any respect? It makes it a ability display.

2. [+725, -48] The participants do not appear to have any ability or doable;;; At least Oh My Girl confirmed doable and in point of fact put themselves at the radar with their abilities. You may just inform that Lovelyz simply lacked any self esteem.

3. [+675, -35] Did they have got other prerequisites from the opposite groups? Their first drawback used to be the track that they selected. I sighed on the phase the place they pass “pop!”… Lovelyz simply does not have the voice to tug off woman weigh down ideas.

4. [+94, -14] So they are studying grievance as hate

5. [+71, -6] Pop~♡ Pop~♡

6. [+70, -4] They may just’ve executed Oh My Girl’s track however they are those who whined about ideas overlapping with them so they selected ‘Sixth Sense’… you do understand that you wish to have to take accountability in your possible choices, proper?

7. [+68, -6] I believe like Oh My Girl would’ve had their emotions a little harm. They had been so excited considering that Lovelyz would cover their track. Oh My Girl did their best possible to cover Lovelyz with their very own taste…

8. [+60, -6] What are they speaking about? Their complete lives up at the slicing block? They’re those who did not interpret the track accurately and were given their loss of abilities uncovered. Do they suspect the opposite teams simply lucked out with all of the certain reactions they are receiving? That it used to be simply all enhancing success for them?

9. [+59, -4] They will have to’ve simply mentioned “we were lacking, we’ll work harder in the future”… this may get them extra hate ㅜㅜ

10. [+57, -7] Your lives were not submit on anything else… your true loss of ability used to be merely uncovered.

11. [+55, -2] The wonderful timing of BEG having a comeback quickly ㅋㅋ

12. [+51, -5] They will have to’ve simply driven an idea they are ok with… why pass with a lovely robust thought and get their loss of abilities uncovered ㅠㅠ

13. [+45, -4] All this time, I assumed Oh My Girl and Lovelyz had been equivalent ability smart however there may be if truth be told a large distinction ㅎㅎ Lovelyz wishes to return and watch BEG’s ‘Sixth Sense’ phases from 2011 and are available again and let us know that the criticisms towards them are unfounded ㅋㅋㅋ

14. [+43, -3] When Kei coated her one ear to hit that prime notice ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

15. [+34, -6] They had been in order that dangerous by way of comparability. Nevermind the lip sync, I do not get why they selected a track that did not have compatibility them in any respect. Their voices are so vulnerable and skinny… Nothing about it used to be cool, it used to be if truth be told simply draining with how a lot it lacked power.

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