LOONA’s “X X” Soars To Top Of US iTunes Albums Chart As Fans Campaign To “Save LOONA”

LOONA’s fans Orbits brought the group’s album “X X” to No. 1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in the United States, eight months after its release!

The album was released back in February, and its sudden leap to the top of the chart came after fans became concerned when news broke on October 17 that Polaris Entertainment has been ordered to pay compensation to a global IT company because of an unreturned lease deposit for a case related to LOONA. This added to worries over the delays of the group’s comeback.

Orbits used the hashtag “#SaveLOONA” on Twitter as they encouraged each other to stream and buy albums as a way to protect the future of the beloved group—combining some serious pleas and promises along with the fandom’s famous sense of humor.

The campaign was a massive success, earning LOONA their first No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart.

Fans have taken to Twitter to celebrate after working together to accomplish such a great achievement!

LOONA is a 12-member girl group under BlockBerry Creative that was first introduced through a unique strategy in which each member was revealed through individual and sub-unit releases that began in October 2016. The group built up a huge fandom during this period as particularly international fans found lots to love in the members’ charms and talent, the high quality of their music and MV releases, and their intriguing “LOONAverse” storyline.

LOONA made a long-awaited debut as a full group in August 2018 with the mini album “+ +” and title track “Hi High,” and then returned with the repackaged album “X X” and its title track “Butterfly” in February. There have been delays to planned releases since then as well as apparent hints at concepts for a comeback, however no date has been announced for LOONA’s return.

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