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BlockBerry Creative has released a statement regarding the accusations of school violence made against LOONA’s Chu.

On February 22, an anonymous person (hereafter referred to as “A”) claiming to have graduated the same middle school as Chuu wrote a post on an online community accusing Chuu of school violence. A wrote, “Firstly, I’m a friend who used to hang out with Kim Ji Woo (Chuu’s given name), even though we weren’t very close friends to the extent that I would visit her house. In our first year, there was a classmate ‘B,’ who was like the big shot in the class, and Kim Ji Woo acted as the middle person next to B driving a wedge between others. B and Kim Ji Woo made people outcasts, and the reason was always just because they didn’t like the other person. Then, my close friend was made into an outcast. They were the only one who ate with me, and I don’t know if Kim Ji Woo didn’t like that, but she made it seem as if I was the leader in making my close friend an outcast. After I came to my senses, I was the one being made into an outcast.”

A added, “She was in the middle driving a wedge between people, and I can’t forget how Kim Ji Woo talked as if she did nothing wrong. Later, she invited me to a group chat, and she threatened and cursed at me. There was a time when she blocked me at the school gates and cursed at me when I was trying to go home.”

A continued, “I didn’t think I did anything wrong, but Kim Ji Woo kept asking me to apologize, and I kept leaving the chat when they invited me and leaving the chat again when they invited me again. I remember on my way home, they pulled at my hair and asked me why I didn’t apologize. They nagged at me a lot, saying I smelled and telling me to wash my hair. At the time, my hair got greasy right away even if I washed every day because I was going through puberty, and because I got cursed at so much, I even washed my hair three times a day during break.”

Finally, A mentioned, “Of course, she didn’t hit people often or steal money like the other celebrities swept up in school violence controversies. However, this is clearly school violence. There must be more friends and victims who remember this, so I would be grateful if those people also uploaded evidence.”

Following the post, another anonymous person, who claims to have graduated from the same elementary and middle school as Chuu, made similar accusations of Chuu driving a wedge between her and her friends by telling her the wrong meeting location or by making up lies. The writer also posted that they assumed Chuu stole their belongings that went missing when they saw Chuu getting caught stealing at a stationary store.

On February 23, Chuu’s agency BlockBerry Creative released the following statement denying the claims:


This is BlockBerry Creative.

We are giving our statement on the issue that is currently being spread online regarding our agency’s artist, LOONA’s Chuu.

First, we will make the relationship between the issue and associated information clear and do our best so that no more victims will be made.

The claims raised include information that is different from the truth. Thus, the issue should no longer be indiscriminately spread any further.

The company will also take all measures possible within the limits if our artist’s image and reputation are harmed through false information without any evidence.

Furthermore, we won’t overlook this issue, and we’ll do our best to protect our artist’s rights and interest.

Finally, we ask speculative reports based on one-sided claims that haven’t been confirmed to be refrained from being made.

Thank you.

Chuu debuted as a member of LOONA in 2018, and she recently guested on MBC’s “How Do You Play?”

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