Lee Yi Kyung Revealed To Have Helped Save A Civilian’s Life

It has been revealed that actor Lee Yi Kyung recently helped rescue someone.

On the early morning of March 19, one drunken individual attempted to throw himself in front of a moving truck. Fortunately, the truck was able to stop before hitting the individual, but the individual continued to walk towards the other moving vehicles.

One witness shared, “The truck driver got off and stopped the citizen, and Lee Yi Kyung, who was driving the vehicle behind the truck, got out, too. He aided the truck driver to hold back the drunk individual from causing more danger.”

The witness continued, “Lee Yi Kyung held tightly onto the drunken person for a long time and prevented him from jumping into the street and river. Everyone was flustered and scared, so they couldn’t get out of their cars, but he got out of the car without hesitation. He also gave his coat to the drunken person who was shivering and held onto the person to make sure no more attempts were made. His courage saved someone’s life.”

The police arrived after some time and took the individual to safety.

On March 26, Lee Yi Kyung’s agency HB Entertainment responded to the reports, “After checking with Lee Yi Kyung, he confirmed that the report is true. He said that he ran out of the car without thinking because it happened right in front of him. He says he only did what had to be done, so he didn’t feel that a story had to be made out of it.”

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