Lee Soo Man sets his sights on the global market for ‘Super M’ – KpopHit

Article: Lee Soo Man, “I guarantee super synergy”… SM union team ‘Super M’ prepares for worldwide debut

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+1,487, -242] SM’s just trying anything now that NCT has flopped. ㅋㅋ

2. [+748, -140] Does SM think this is still the 2000s? It’s not like they’re fresh faced rookies… what do they intend to achieve with kids who already have years under their belts? This all feels so forced, like they’re trying too hard to show something…

3. [+610, -121] Convoluted..

4. [+372, -109] I support leader Baekhyunie

5. [+186, -11] Lee Soo Man’s problem is that he needs to view his groups as separate entities but he tries to force this family image where everyone is one and that just doesn’t work. Fans are fans of certain groups because of what makes them unique, not simply because they’re under SM.

6. [+180, -46] Baekhyun-ah, Jongin-ah, I’ll support you ❤️

7. [+135, -25] One of the reasons why there’s nothing to look forward to in SM anymore

8. [+109, -4] Feels like a mix of HOT-Sechs-GOD-RG

9. [+105, -9] Poor kids… Lee Soo Man needs to retire, he has no reading of the global music market anymore. Just because each groups are doing well individually doesn’t guarantee that lumping them all in a group together will work too. This is why his groups are flopping one by one. What has SM gained from NCT, which was basically pouring water into a pot with a hole at the bottom. All that media play in the beginning and for what? What about them now? They still haven’t cemented themselves a position and are putting out songs with labelmate seniors. They should just debut a whole new rookie group or give the groups they have now new albums before army enlistments. This is why SM isn’t gaining any new fams.

10. [+112, -19] I support Jongin and Baekhyunie, fighting to all the members!

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