Lee Seung Gi Talks About Acting Approach For “Vagabond” + Plans For Comeback As A Singer

“Vagabond” is an unforgettable project for Lee Seung Gi because it further broadened his spectrum as an actor. Lee Seung Gi, who is known as a melodrama and romantic comedy actor, has added “action actor” to his list of titles.

Lee Seung Gi received praise for his acting in his most recent drama, “Vagabond.” In an interview, Lee Seung Gi shared, “After I came back from the military, my image changed as well as my thoughts and feelings. In the process, I became a more confident person, and since my recent drama started with heightened emotions with a lot of action, I tried to focus on reality. Because of this, I didn’t need to act overly surprised and the advantage was that I could minimize the acting needed to explain the situation. I had to act in moderation so I thought I was still lacking very much, but I think the viewers thought I acted appropriately and naturally.”

Lee Seung Gi shared that he watched his seniors act and tried to learn from their strengths. He said, “I remember all the scenes that were filmed at the Blue House. We spent one whole day filming the Blue House scenes and I was amazed by Baek Yoon Shik‘s acting in every scene. He was relaxed and acted naturally like he was the real president.”

Lee Seung Gi added, “I always wanted to change, but things didn’t go the way I wanted. I thought I changed, but to viewers, I might have seemed the same. But I didn’t choose ‘Vagabond’ because I wanted to change. I chose the project because I really like the ‘Bourne’ film series and always wanted to do something like it.”

Through “Vagabond,” Lee Seung Gi felt like he changed the most from his old self. He said, “My way of interpreting acting and my method of acting have changed. In ‘Gu Family Book,’ I tried to explain my emotions. I would explain, ‘This scene is this type of scene,’ and as a result, I showed too much emotion and it might have seemed awkward. I would monitor those things and try to fix it, but I ended up forcing it. Even now, when I watch ‘Vagabond,’ I see there are scenes I need to loosen up in. We filmed for one year so I got comfortable and even thought I lost the tension, but in season two or another drama, I think I can make up for it. I plan to slowly loosen up and lead.”

Lee Seung Gi is loved by the public as an actor, singer, and entertainer. Naturally, there is a great demand for singer Lee Seung Gi to return. Lee Seung Gi said, “A lot of my fans ask me when my album is coming out. I plan to release a new album next year.”

He added, “While I was serving in the military, my throat was in poor condition. Last year my voice wouldn’t come back so I was very concerned. Earlier this year, I cleared my mind and started feeling my voice come back as I started doing yoga. I don’t have a set date for my comeback but I’m thinking some time next year.”

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