Lee Jung Hyun Shares Her Celebrity Friends’ Reaction To Her Marriage

On the October 13 episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” Lee Jung Hyun appeared as a guest panelist.

Lee Jung Hyun tied the knot earlier this year with an orthopedist three years her junior. Many stars attended her wedding ceremony, including Lee Byung Hun, Lee Min Jung, Baek Ji Young, Sung Yuri, Gong Hyo Jin, Son Ye Jin, Ko So Young, Hwang Jung Min, and more.

During the show, Lee Jung Hyun was asked about her life as a newlywed. She said, “It’s really good. My husband is very kind, so I think that he’s being very patient with me.”

She added, “But we never fought even when we were dating. He was the only person with whom I never fought in the first year of dating. That’s why I chose to marry him.”

In a previous interview for her upcoming film, Lee Jung Hyun talked in more detail about her decision to get married and her first impressions of the man who is now her husband.

Lee Jung Hyun is known for being part of a friend group of famous actresses, including Ko So Young, Lee Min Jung, and Sung Yuri. When asked if they recommended that she get married, she replied, “They strongly recommended it. When Sung Yuri got married, she cried. She said it was because she felt like she was leaving me behind and felt apologetic. She worked hard to set me up on blind dates. When I got married, she was so happy. She cried at the wedding ceremony.”

She added, “Ko So Young has recently started pushing me to have a baby. Son Ye Jin congratulated me a lot. She even came with us on our honeymoon. I see her quite often and we had fun then too.”

“I think that your friends’ opinion can be quite important,” Lee Jung Hyun continued. “They’re all actors, so they are good at judging people. I was nervous about introducing my husband to them. My friends met him, and we went on a trip together. They gave me the OK. After they became friendly with him, my friends said, ‘He’s a good person. He won’t make you heartsick.’ And they were right.”

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