Lee Joon Hyuk Explains Why He Decided To Appear In New Korean Remake Of “Designated Survivor”

Lee Joon Hyuk has shared his thoughts on what viewers can look forward to in his upcoming drama “60 Days, Designated Survivor” (literal title)!

The new tvN drama is a remake of the popular U.S. series “Designated Survivor,” which tells the story of an inexperienced politician unexpectedly leading the country after an explosion kills the president and others in the line of succession.

In the upcoming drama, Lee Joon Hyuk will play the role of Oh Young Seok, a former naval officer and independent member of the National Assembly. Oh Young Seok is a rising political star who receives love and attention from the public due to his confident way of speaking, self-assured facial expressions, handsome face, and innate leadership skills.

Lee Joon Hyuk explained that he decided to appear in the drama because he had been drawn to the character’s complexity. “Oh Young Seok is someone who stands somewhere in the middle of what most people believe to be the definitions of good and evil,” said the actor. “I found it appealing that the character’s influences and his future direction were unknown.”

Actor Ji Jin Hee will star in the drama as Park Moo Jin, the head of the Ministry of Environment who is the “designated survivor.” With no desire for power and zero political skills, the former KAIST professor unexpectedly becomes the acting president.

Comparing himself to the lead, Lee Joon Hyuk said, “Oh Young Suk and Park Moo Jin are very different. He focuses more on the changes in the overall energy and flow of the world, rather than his personal objectives and emotions.”

He went on, “While watching the drama, I think it’d be best to focus on the conflicts between the charming characters and the changes they experience as they encounter various situations. Please continue to show interest in [’60 Days, Designated Survivor’], which will be a high-quality production, until its first episode.”

“60 Days, Designated Survivor” will premiere on July 1 at 9:30 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Abyss.”

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