Lee Han Gyul And Nam Do Hyon’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

Pocketdol Studio has announced that they will be taking strong legal action on behalf of Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon (H&D) against malicious commenters.

On March 9, the agency shared an official statement through the duo’s V Live account, and the announcement reads as follows:

Hello. This is Pocketdol Studio.

First of all, thank you for supporting our artists Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon [who are currently promoting under the name] H&D.

This is our official position on malicious postings related to Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon.

We recently confirmed that malicious comments and false information about Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon have been continuously posted online.

These malicious posts hurt not only the artists, but also the fans who are rooting for them.

Therefore, we will take stern action without leniency against those who post, share, or spread indiscriminate and malicious postings, comments, and false information. This is because the physical and mental health of our artists and their supportive fans is our top priority.

We have been continuously collecting data through our own monitoring, and we have collected enough data. Although we made no separate notice about this, we are also checking the data sent in voluntarily by fans.

In addition, through this announcement, we would like to receive official reports from our fans. If you’d like to report, please send us the information to the address below according to the designated format and we will check them in order.

E-mail address: pocketdolfan@daum.net

E-mail subject: Artist Name / Issue (malicious posting, malicious comment, spread of false information, etc.) / Date Published

E-mail content: PDF or URL of the page

Please continue to love Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon of H&D.

Thank you.

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