Lee Dong Gun Tells Funny Stories From His Realistic Married Life With Jo Yoon Hee

Lee Dong Gun stuffed in for his spouse Jo Yoon Hee as a distinct MC on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together”!

On the September 19 episode, Lee Dong Gun started, “Who will fill Jo Yoon Hee’s empty seat? I sat in this seat as the MC for the day.”

Jun Hyun Moo mentioned, “I thought that you were a romanticist, but I received something from Jo Yoon Hee.” Lee Dong Gun said, “At first, she suddenly said that she can’t go to the filming for ‘Happy Together’ for a day. I said, ‘Oh no,’ but then she bought me food and lots of clothes on the next day. She then said, ‘You have to do it on that day.’”

He persisted, “I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ I have to film a drama on that day,’ and she said, ‘What are you talking about after receiving everything? If you’re not going to do it, then you have to pay it back twice as much,’” and made everybody giggle.

The actor additionally addressed rumors that he and Jo Yoon Hee even held palms whilst chopping a work of steak. He defined, “It’s been a while since we stopped holding hands. It’s hard to see each other let alone hold hands.”

Lee Dong Gun persisted to percentage the adjustments in his married existence. “At the beginning of our marriage, she didn’t interfere at all regarding team dinners,” mentioned the actor. “She didn’t say anything no matter how much I ate or how late I came home. But these days, I’m being a bit careful because she sends me text messages saying that I’m late today and asks if I’m having fun.”

He added, “Yoon Hee is careful around me when she goes to ‘Happy Together’ team dinners. I tell her to have fun and to not be the first one to leave. I hope she’ll act the same way towards me.”

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