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Kyungri featured in a pictorial for the latest issue of Dazed Korea, where she talked about life after the disbandment of 9MUSES in early 2019.

Kyungri, who signed with YNK Entertainment earlier this year, said, “After being in a girl group for 8 years, these days, I’m resting in my own way and taking some time to better myself. I’m taking acting lessons, exercising, and spending time on self-development. I’m eating well, and I’m resting well. That’s been where I’ve been finding a lot of joy.”

Recently, Kyungri started a YouTube channel alongside DIA TV called Life of Gyeongree. She said that during her hiatus, her desire to communicate with fans grew. “The channel was just launched, so I’ve been trying out different things. What I’m certain of is that you’ll be able to see various sides of me without any restrictions. I’m going to continue with my [other YouTube channel] [Gyeongree’s Path (literal translation)], but it’s going to be different from Life of Gyeongree, which I’m working on with content experts. Gyeongree’s Path is going to have a different vibe, as a channel where I show my everyday life.”

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