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Whether you’re enjoying a night out with friends or perusing the aisles of the grocery store, there’s bound to be a song that matches. All the things we do, big or small, can be made infinitely times more enjoyable with the right playlist coursing through our headphones.

Welcome back to another edition of Kpophit Mood Playlist. Through this series, we put together a playlist of songs across various genres including K-Pop, K-Indie/Hip-Hop/R&B/Rock, ballads, and so much more. These songs are specially arranged according to a specific mood. We hope to introduce a wide range of artists and genres for your listening pleasure, no matter what mood you might be in.

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This week’s Mood Playlist focuses on the feelings of love — specifically when you’re ready to confess your feelings. You’ve had these feelings for a while, but never quite got around to expressing them. That is, until now, when you’ve gathered the courage necessary to finally say what’s been hiding in your heart. These K-Indie songs embody these thoughts and the potential of romance that might happen next.

So look down below for your weekly dose of Kpophit’s Mood Playlist.


1. 10cm – ‘Do You Think Of Me?’

Indie artist 10cm has grown in fame over the course of their career, remaining true to their acoustic roots. Their songs are catchy, relatable, and offer an abundance of warmth. This applies to ‘Do You Think Of Me’, which can be used as a cute confession of love. Send it to your crush for the most subtle way of saying, “I like you. Do you think about me like that too?”


2. Standing Egg – ‘friend to lover’

Everyone has experienced the feeling of the friend zone at least once, or something close to it. This Standing Egg track is for all of those who wish to cross over that line and make the jump to a romantic relationship. It might be frightening at first, but when you’re in love, it’s something that needs to be done, for better or for worse. And if you’re unsure of what to say, you can always use ‘friend to lover’ as your confession song.


3. JANNABI – ‘For lovers who hesitate’

Jannabi’s discography is impeccable with relatable songs that move your heart. ‘For lovers who hesitate’ plucks on your heartstrings in all the right ways, covering you in waves of comfort and encouragement. “In spite of it all, I will not delay the dream I’m dreaming ever again”. This track offers the courage to take a leap of faith and confess the feelings we’ve been meaning to say with our whole heart.


4. Yebit – ‘100%’

Yebit has uploaded a diverse collection of cover videos onto YouTube, offering healing and peace. Among those cover tracks is this original that’s perfect to send to your crush! “My feelings for you are 100%”. This line alone could be used as the evidence needed to affirm your feelings, giving birth to fairytale ending and its happily ever after.


5. CHEEZE – ‘Love you (bye)’

CHEEZE has always impressed with her refreshing vocals that pierces your soul in every season. ‘Love you (bye)’ is as straightforward as it gets, laying out the heart-fluttering feelings of romance out in the open. With this track playing in the background, you can confidently tell your crush ‘I love you’ without too many worries or stress.


6. Epitone Project – ‘First Love’

The first time we fall in love is memorable for many different reasons. And while for many, it might end in the blink of an eye, others are able to make their first love into their last. If you’re hoping for this happy ending, Epitone Project’s ‘First Love’ is the track for you. It perfectly embodies the feelings of yearning, accompanied by waves of butterflies.

Did you enjoy this week’s Mood Playlist? Let us know in the comments!



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