Kpop Music Game – a surprise came from the 8th anniversary update

I have this game on my phone a long time ago (actually several phones), about 5 years! I also wrote a review about it. But recently, this game surprised me with 2 things !!!

The first surprise is that the game is 8 years old! Really???!!! That means Kpop Music Game has been around since 2013! The year EXO rocked KPOP with “Growl”. It was also the year that BTS had just debuted. Wow!

The second surprise is to celebrate this anniversary, the game has been upgraded once more, with a whole new look, as well as the Kpop Game experiences have been enhanced!
Please be clear, last time I reviewed this game, I also mentioned: this game is usually upgraded to catch the evolution of Kpop. However, this time the update changed the game quite a bit. It can be briefly said: moving from in general about Kpop content to content of individual idol groups.
This motivates me to write a new review of this Kpop game, the way it operates now, and most importantly, the Kpop vibes it brings!

First, here are links to download the game if you also want to try the experience like me. It’s all FREE, don’t shy to try:



Pick your stan and join

The first thing when opening the game is to choose a Fandom to join. In this version, I counted 26 Fandoms with most of the most popular Kpop idol groups (they said that there will be more fandom updates in the future, I hope they do).
When choosing a fandom, you will have to do a quiz to prove you are a “true fan”. This quiz for fans is easy! Finished with them, you will have a page listing fandom games as shown above!

This is a collection of games of various genres: ACTION, MUSIC and PUZZLE. However, in this review, I only focus on music games. These are the games that excite me the most, and I think those games are the strongest point of Kpop Music Game.

OK, let’s take a look at the 4 MUSIC GAMES we have!


The Producer – Kpop Music Game

As the name suggests, the gameplay works just like when you were a music producer …
Can you imagine? As the cursor moves from left to right, blocks in the tracks will play music when it is turned. Yes, the sound can be quite chaotic, when there is more than one active block at a time. Your task is to find out exactly which song blocks are (drag and drop the available songs onto the blocks).
My record is to reach round 6. What about you?


Music Cocktail – Kpop Music Game

This game is available from the previous version. Gameplay remains the same: 3 songs will be played at the same time. Your task is to find them out of 6 total songs.


Big Challenge 6 – Kpop Music Game

You will be awarded 6 tracks and 6 challenges. Each round, you will choose a challenge for the song and guess which song it is. Not clear yet? The 6 challenges are:

  1. Only listen to 1 second part of the song.
  2. Listen to a 3-second stretch in the song, but the speed will be 3 times faster than the normal playback speed.
  3. The song is played forward and backwards at the same time. The sounds will mix together.
  4. The song is played forward and backwards from the middle. Like the previous challenge, the sounds will mix.
  5. The song will be played backwards!
  6. Listen to 6 non-contiguous phrases from the song, each lasting half a second!

Sounds a bit weird, right? But it’s irresistible fun :)) I played this game over and over again last night!


Classic Song Quiz – Kpop Music Game

This CLASSIC SONG QUIZ is the traditional quiz to guess the title of the currently playing song!

And those are my reviews of the MUSIC GAMES section in the latest version of Kpop Music Game. The team behind this product must also be Kpop fans! I can feel their enthusiasm and passion for Kpop. Thank you very much. It’s been a long time since I played this amazing K-pop game!

Author: An Mika

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