Kpop Music Game – a game with passion for Kpop lovers

I still remember the first time I played Kpop Music Game 6 years ago – it was a memorable experience on my first smartphone, an HTC.

After many years, surprisingly, I found this game again. And just like my phone has been upgraded to an iPhone Xs; The Kpop Music Game is also constantly evolving, and once again brought me uplifting emotions.

Kpop Music Game introduction

First, here are links to download the game if you also want to try the experience like me:



Kpop Music Game – a collection of Kpop games

The Kpop Music Game is not just a game, but a collection of games and utilities for Kpop fans; is divided into 4 sections. Let’s take a look at some of the points that made me interesting…

Kpop Music Game – Main Menu

Games with unique creative ideas

Besides traditional traditional games such as guessing songs, guessing idols … with updated songs, there are games I can only find in Kpop Music Game – games with unique creative ideas. .

Kpop Music Game Age Compa
Compare age of idols. Can you?
Kpop Music Game Time Attack
Play 3 types of game at the same time.
Kpop Music Game Music Cocktail
3 songs play at the same time. Can you find them?

Kpop Music Game Hearty game
Kpop Music Game Idol game

Kpop Music Game gallery
collect reward to get awesome screen background and photos

Daily Horoscope

I still follow the horoscope daily, and it’s fun to see that Kpop idols will suffer the same fate as me today :))

Kpop Music Game Daily Horoscope

All Time Hit

I’m a Kpop veteran fan – so this is my favorite part. I can find in this part the old super hit songs like Fantasy Baby, Ring Ding Dong, Fiction, Please Don’t …

Kpop Music Game All time hit


It is always a great feeling when playing games with friends on a phone.
In the Vibes section you will find 2 games that serve this purpose.

Kpop Music Game 2 players

And there are still a lot of great things waiting for you to discover. There are 20 other games and utilities in the Kpop Music Game, and I am lazy to write. Please explore by yourself. Have fun!

Kpop Music Game – a collection of Kpop games

🏵💮🌼 Kpop Hit – share the Kpop vibes 🌼💮🏵

(👍≖‿‿≖)👍 👍(≖‿‿≖👍) KPOP MUSIC GAME – the best FREE KPOP game EVER 😉 😉

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