Korean Store Exposed For Trying To Pay Less Than Minimum Wage...Unless Employees Were Young, Thin, And Pretty

Koreans are outraged via a task inquiry long gone incorrect after an nameless woman who implemented for a part-time activity at a ladies’s outfitter shared her enjoy. This publish at the Gwangju Chungjang-ro Facebook web page went viral and netizens have tracked down the shop which is now receiving heavy complaint.

(Not the outfitter related to the object)


The nameless woman shared the unique activity posting she noticed previous to attaining out. The advert is titled, “Looking for Weekend Part-Timer at Clothing Store” for a $7.50/hr place. The proprietor outlines within the advert that the shop is on the lookout for a feminine of any age with any stage of training.

Korean minimal salary for 2018 used to be ₩7530 KRW ($7.50 USD on the time) and the activity web site does now not permit employers to signify any quantity less than the minimal salary.

When the nameless woman reached out to the landlord in regards to the place, she won a chain of responses that outraged the lady and as regards to somebody who has come around the tale since. The proprietor stated to return in for an interview provided that the lady may just are compatible into small sized clothes, for “modeling”.

When the nameless woman requested in regards to the salary, which the landlord modified to $7/hour, the landlord instantly became the applicant down and stated she must glance in different places for a task.

The nameless woman then puzzled why the landlord refused to pay the felony minimal salary and the landlord reacted via shaming and insulting her. The proprietor mentioned that, had the nameless applicant had an attractive face and a sizzling frame, the shop would have paid $eight an hour.

Netizens become livid in regards to the messages.

  • “The way the owner said “Come interview” already displays how impolite she is. That’s now not the way you agenda an interview.”
  • “$8 is literally only 50 cents more than the minimum wage though…”
  • “Tsk tsk? Is the owner serious?”
  • “I wonder how gorgeous the owner is, because… she must be, to be shaming other people like this, right?”


The nameless woman ended her publish via advising somebody within the Gwangju space to avoid the outfitter.

Since the publish went viral, netizens recognized the shop and flooded the landlord’s social media pages with complaint inflicting the landlord to close down her account.

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