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One of the worst things that Korean artists have to deal with is constant hate comments from netizens. In a recent episode of Dive Studios‘ GET REAL, KARD‘s BM, former Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi, and rapper sogumm gave their opinions on hate comments.

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Ashley Choi shared that she doesn’t understand why people leave hate comments.

Former Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi

The reason is that if Ashley Choi hated someone, then she would just cut off everything about this person and not pay attention to them. However, hate commenters take time out of their day to leave hateful comments on a person’s social media.

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Due to this, Ashley Choi believes that people who leave hate comments are doing it because they’re somewhat interested in that person.

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BM and sogumm both agreed with Ashley Choi.


Rapper sogumm

BM even gave a “shoutout” to his haters, saying that he loves them. Sogumm laughed and agreed with BM.

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BM and sogumm both also shared how they appreciate their haters since they’re giving them attention.

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Sogumm then revealed that she received a lot of hate in the past for her unique music style. Malicious netizens would leave comments like, “This sounds weird“, and “Is she tone deaf?“.

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These hate comments were hard for sogumm to deal with at first, and she even wondered if she was doing something wrong.

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Thankfully, sogumm is now trying her best to ignore these kinds of people.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Sogumm also spoke briefly on how her mood can affect how she looks at hate comments, as when she feels down, hate comments make her upset.

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BM agreed heavily with sogumm’s statement, as he views hate comments positively when he’s in a good mood and negatively when he’s in a bad mood.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!

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