Korean Actor Shares Tragic Details About Losing His Brother In A Knife Attack

He only remembers one thing about the day.

Actor Lee Dong Gun recently opened up about the tragic incident of losing his brother in a knife attack in Australia.

이동건, 달콤한 손인사
Actor Lee Dong Gun | News1

On the recent episode of SBS‘s My Little Old Boy that aired on December 3, Lee Dong Gun was shown celebrating his late brother’s birthday with his mother.

Lee Dong Gun (left) and his mother (right) talk about the tragic incident on “My Little Old Boy.” | SBS

It is known that Lee Dong Gun’s younger brother passed away 15 years ago at the age of 20 due to a tragic incident.

Lee Dong Gun opened up about what he felt during the traumatic time and revealed that his mourning period was short because he was concerned for his parents.

When I think about that day, the only thing I remember is this. I couldn’t afford to be sad. I was sad for exactly five seconds. After breaking down for five seconds, I looked for my mom. ‘How is Mom right now?’ ‘How is Dad?’ It continued like this after that.

— Lee Dong Gun

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He further shared that he tried to ensure his parents were okay before letting the reality hit him.

When I went to Australia, I continued looking at back and forth from my mother to my father until the funeral. Honestly, I didn’t feel it was particularly difficult. After confirming that my parents were okay, it started hitting me.

— Lee Dong Gun

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Lee Dong Gun also shared details that, at the time, he wanted his brother to be cremated in Australia rather than bringing the body to Korea.

After we received the phone call, we got on a flight to Australia in just three hours. I requested to bring him back comfortably. If the process took too long, we would see his body change, and I wanted to leave him as a beautiful and angelic figure, so I requested to cremate him in Australia and then bring him back to Korea.

— Lee Dong Gun

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Lee Dong Gun returned from Australia with his brother’s ashes. | SBS

In conclusion, the actor added that he carried his brother’s ashes on his flight back to Korea.

I carried [his ashes] in my arms on the plane. Luckily, the seat next to me was empty, and when I briefly put him down, I was told I had to buy the seat, so I told them I understood. So, I carried him back in my arms, and it had a significant meaning for me.

— Lee Dong Gun

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Lee Dong Gun visited his brother for his to-be 36th birthday. | SBS

In 2008, Lee Dong Gun’s 21-year-old younger brother tragically lost his life in Sydney, Australia, where he was studying at the time. He and another Korean person were stabbed by two men near the Sydney World Tower for merely looking at them.

Lee Dong Gun carries a photo of his younger brother at the funeral. | Busan Ilbo

Lee Dong Gun was known to care deeply for his younger siblings, with whom he had an age gap. An acquaintance stated in 2008 that Lee Dong Gun was “devastated by the shock as if the sky had fallen.” The murder was even captured on CCTV, adding to the shock of the public.

Source: www.koreaboo.com

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