Kim Young Kwang On Why He’s Thankful For His Film With Park Bo Young, “On Your Wedding Day”

Kim Young Kwang discussed his past dramas and films.

On July 25, the actor showed off stylish and comfortable boyfriend looks for the August issue of Singles magazine.

Choosing “Plus Nine Boys,” “The Secret Life of My Secretary,” and “On Your Wedding Day” as projects that resemble him in real life, Kim Young Kwang said, “The three of them were characters that I portrayed while drawing out the most of myself.”

The actor won Best New Actor at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards for his performance in “On Your Wedding Day.” “If it wasn’t for that project, I think I would’ve remained with low self-confidence,” revealed Kim Young Kwang. “It’s a project I’m very grateful for, allowing me to dig deeper into my acting during a time when I was worried about it.”

Introducing his follow-up project “Mission Possible” (tentative title), he said, “It’s not a masculine, bold action film, but rather a familiar, fun action film, so I feel more excitement rather than pressure.”

Check out Kim Young Kwang and Park Bo Young in “On Your Wedding Day” with English subtitles below:

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If you haven’t yet, start watching “The Secret Life of My Secretary” now!

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