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Kim Yoo Jung may be joining a new agency.

On September 16, Ilgan Sports reported that Kim Yoo Jung’s contract with her current agency SidusHQ had expired, and a source from the agency stated, “We are discussing the renewal of her contract.”

After their initial report, Ilgan Sports also reported that Kim Yoo Jung is signing with Awesome ENT. The report cites an industry source who stated, “Kim Yoo Jung has decided not to renew with SidusHQ after the expiration of her contract. It was decided that she would join Park Seo Joon’s agency Awesome ENT.”

In response, a source from Awesome ENT clarified, “It is true that we had a meeting with Kim Yoo Jung, but it has not yet been decided if an exclusive contract will be signed.”

Awesome ENT houses actors Park Seo Joon, Han Ji Hye, Lee Hyun Woo, Girl’s Day’s Yura, and many more.

Check out Kim Yoo Jung in “Clean with Passion for Now” below:

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