Kim Nam Gil Praises The Passion Of “The Fiery Priest” Cast On “Master In The House”

Actor Kim Nam Gil shared his love for the cast and crew of “The Fiery Priest” on SBS’s “Master in the House”!

On the February 16 broadcast of the variety show, Kim Nam Gil spent the night with the program’s cast members at the Bukchon Hanok village as their latest master.

At one point during the episode, Shin Sung Rok remarked, “Our ‘Vagabond’ team had really good teamwork, but I heard that ‘The Fiery Priest’ team had really great teamwork as well.” Lee Seung Gi agreed, “Whenever anyone from the drama received an award, the entire cast and crew would cry.”

Kim Nam Gil confirmed this, saying, “When we first started filming the drama, many of the cast members were not actors or were planning to find different kinds of work after this one. Everyone came together thinking that this could be their final project, so we were really happy to see such good results.”

The actor continued, “Everyone thought that they were the only ones thinking those kinds of thoughts and going through a hard time, but then we realized that we all had worries of our own, which I think made our teamwork exceptionally great.” He later added, “I was really happy to see my colleagues doing well [after the drama].”

Watch “The Fiery Priest” with English subtitles below!

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You can also catch up on last week’s episode of “Master in the House” here:

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