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A third woman has come forward with accusations regarding singer Kim Gun Mo.

On December 17, the YouTube Channel Garo Sero Institute shared its latest broadcast about alleged assault and harassment by Kim Gun Mo. The show’s hosts, lawyer Kang Yong Suk and former journalists Kim Se Eui and Kim Yong Ho, revealed that they had spoken to a third alleged victim that day. They explained that because their call with her went long and they needed to edit their interview and alter her voice, the main content of her accusations would be included in the next day’s broadcast.

However, they shared the first part of her accusations, which is that Kim Gun Mo exposed himself to her.

She said, “There was a sofa next to the electric keyboard. He lay down on the sofa and showed his genitals to me. He kept asking me, ‘Do you like me?’ He had started asking me that earlier and kept checking.”

“I don’t know if it was because he doesn’t trust women or because I was a woman who worked at a bar, but he kept asking me ‘Do you like me?’” she continued. “He didn’t take off his pants, he unzipped or unbuttoned his pants. He showed himself to me, and I remember it was very small.”

Kang Yong Suk stated that this is only the start of her accusations, and he said the full accusations seem to constitute an indecent act by compulsion. He explained that this third accuser worked at a different place, and Kim Gun Mo invited her to his studio. He stated that this occurred when it was just Kim Gun Mo and the woman in his studio after the other people who were also present left.

Kang Yong Suk clarified, “The victim does not have any plans to file a criminal complaint against Kim Gun Mo. She decided to give her testimony because she understands the situation of the sexual assault victim so well, and she wants to be a small help to the victim.”

On December 6, Kang Yong Suk reported through the Garo Sero Institute channel that a woman had been sexually assaulted by Kim Gun Mo in 2016 at an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam. After this, he filed a criminal complaint on the alleged victim’s behalf. She was questioned by the police in December 14, and she has requested personal protection from the police.

In addition, another alleged victim came forward to support the first accuser by stating that Kim Gun Mo physically assaulted her in the past.

Kim Gun Mo has denied the allegations of sexual assault and filed a criminal complaint for false accusations.

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