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How good are your trivia skills? Find out in the latest episode of HWAITING!

In Episode 7, teacher-host Eric Nam quizzes BTOB‘s PenielLadies’ Code‘s Ashley,  f(x)‘s AmberKARD‘s BMJamie Park, and DAY6‘s Jae on random facts to give out points and dish out a penalty.

As usual, this rowdy class barely kept it together. They wracked their brains for answers while trying to cheat…

…and begging for hints.

Question: What is the capital of Canada? Answer: Not Vancouver, not Toronto, not Quebec (that’s a whole province), and not whatever the heck “Owata” is.

Question: What is always coming but never arrives?

“Sperms?” No! This quiz is not supposed to be R-Rated…is it?

If the answers to this chemistry question are any indication, the cast might want to go back to school!

Who is the star student? Who gets a failing grade? Watch Episode 7 of HWAITING to find out!

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