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So it turns out that MBLAQ member G.O was in a quite dangerous situation recently with his fiancé Choi YeSeul.

According to the K-Pop idol’s Instagram post, for the first time ever in his life, he was trapped inside an elevator. And to make matters worse, his soon to be wife Choi YeSeul was also trapped inside as well. And because it was a dangerous situation, it is quite fortunate that the two ended up safe and sound in the end. The incident took place on June 21st.

G.O stated that he called for help through the elevator’s hotline to the security guard’s office. The guard attempted to open the elevator but was unable to do so. The guard then reportedly called the company that owned the elevator to get help. However, nothing happened for nearly half an hour. Which was why G.O then took matters into his own hands when his phone was able to get a signal. He called 119 for help and was rescued in a matter of just seven minutes.

G.O. however was in disbelief that it took the security guard much longer and asked why the elevator company didn’t arrive yet. The guard responded by saying it usually takes about thirty minutes for them to arrive. G.O also added that because forcibly opening the elevator doors might damage the elevator, the elevator company was called instead of 119.

He wrote about how angry he was that machines were prioritized before humans.

mblaq go


Meanwhile, the couple recently also revealed some photos from their wedding shoot.




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