K-Pop Girl Group That Has No Stylists, No Choreographers, & No Makeup Artists – KpopHit

Imagine being a K-Pop idol and having to do your own hair, styling, and makeup.

And to make matters worse, what if your agency either couldn’t or just didn’t hire choreographers for you and your group?

A girl group known as Girls Alert has been drawing a lot of attention for this reason.

girls alert


There has been an opinion voiced by someone that the girl group being their own stylists would help them work with stylists in the future as they would know what works and doesn’t work for them.

But for what it’s worth, Girls Alert are actually quite well know by some for coming up with their entire choreography entirely on their own.

However, it also would be nice if the girls could also get some support. After all, they can’t do literally everything on their own and require professional assistance in different things that they may not be specialized in.

How do you feel about the circumstances surrounding Girls Alert?

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