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Mnet’s YouTube channels “Mnet K-POP” and “M2” have both released videos capturing TXT‘s fascinating Welcome Back Show performance of “Run Away”. With views reaching 2.4 million, it is evident; K-Pop fans are enchanted by TXT’s magical new bop!

txt 1

With that said, M2’s “fancam” of member Yeonjun is gaining more attention by the second for being especially satisfying to watch.

txt 2

Yeonjun’s unparalleled stage presence, which is more so astonishing to the viewers because he is only a couple-months-old rookie, is well captured in this up-close-and-personal video.

He definitely has that aura. I really like his stage presence!

— Netizen


Netizens have found Yeonjun’s performance to be extra aesthetic, as he makes full use of his gorgeousness making idol-like facial expressions in the spotlight.

He’s so UNIQUE. Like my eyes are always staring at him when he’s dancing.

— Netizen

Many have pointed out that his irresistible vibe has inevitably reminded them of another huge “it boy” in K-Pop: His agency-mate and sunbae (senior) V of BTS.

Why does he remind me of Taehyung 😍

— Netizen

With such a captivating charm, Yeonjun is now being called the next big thing in the world of K-Pop!

Look at him now, then imagine him in a few years. I’m not ready 😂😍

— Netizen

So it seems Yeonjun does have everything a successful K-Pop idol can possibly have: Outstanding talent, visual, passion, personality, and colorful hair. It would be impossible to argue that he is indeed a super star in the making.

txt final


Watch the full clip below:

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