K-netizens wonder why this 44-year-old former idol is being so cringe by posting a “cute apology”

Former Sechskies member Kang Sung Hoon, who is turning 44 next week has caught the attention of Korean netizens with his strange apology.

Following Kang Sung Hoon’s departure from the group, he has maintained an active presence on social media. Under the username hoony222, he regularly sharemanyof short videos on TikTok.

Recently, Korean netizens have expressed skepticism regarding his latest video, in which he apologizes for “being so cute.”

In the video, Kang Ji Hoon bows before the camera and then playfully adopts a cute expression by poking his cheek. The accompanying caption humorously states, “I know it’s so sudden for all y’all but, sorry for being so cute!

However, Korean netizens have labeled the video as extremely cringeworthy and are questioning why he persists in such behavior, especially in his 40s.

They commented, “Geez….” “This is legendary how he doesn’t act his age at all,” “I’m actually rather envious how he still has so much hair even after dyeing it so many times. He’s even in his 40s,” “Really it’s the curiosity that killed the cat,” “I want to unsee this video,” “I was being careless and clicked on this post,” and “I thought he matured and actually apologized.”

Author: from www.allkpop.com

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