K-netizens react to Choi Min Hwan and Yulhee’s surprising divorce news

On December 4, it was reported that F.T. Island’s Choi Min Hwan and former LABOUM member Yulhee have decided to part ways after five years of marriage.

The couple revealed through their respective social media accounts that they have reached a mutual decision to conclude their marital relationship. As per their statements, Choi Min Hwan will assume custody of their three children, while Yulhee will remain actively involved in parenting, regularly meeting and participating in the upbringing of their children.

Meanwhile, in 2018, Choi Min Hwan and Yulhee got married when they found out they were expecting a son. After getting married, they also had twin daughters.

The two frequently appeared on various TV programs, sharing their family life and their journey as parents with fans and viewers. Therefore, this latest divorce news has come as a surprise to netizens.

Netizens commented, “This is such a surprise to me because they were so lovey-dovey on TV so this divorce is so shocking. I still watch the episodes with Choi Min Hwan and Yulhee. People say she’s too much but she’s still amazing for giving birth to the kids at a young age and even though she seemed strict, she’s a loving mother to them, and Min Hwan is a responsible dad, so they’ll do well somehow,” “I was supporting them so much when they were on ‘Mr. House Husband,’ The babies were so cute too,” “This is so shocking,” “When I saw her appear on ‘Dr.Oh’s Golden Clinic,’ I kind of had a feeling their marriage won’t last long,” “They’re divorcing? what about the kids?” “We shouldn’t talk about this so lightly. She gave up on her dream and being in the entertainment industry not too long after debuting. She also did her best to raise three kids, so there must be a real good reason they chose divorce at the end,” “They were on broadcast too. I just feel bad for the kids if anything,” and “She left the girl group after a shotgun wedding and also appeared on broadcast with her kids. They should’ve lived a good life together. I feel bad for the kids.”

Author: from www.allkpop.com

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Netizens React To Shocking News Of Former LABOUM Yulhee’s And FTISLAND Minhwan’s Divorce

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