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JYP Entertainment rookie band Xdinary Heroes (XH) had a special time with the head Jinyoung Park.

Jinyoung Park drew attention with his sincere advice as well as his friendly manner that spared no attention to detail coaching while watching the final evaluation video at the end of their trainee days. 

Park Jin-young said to the leader Gun-il, who was the first interview runner, “You reminded me DAY6 Young K. The DAY6 friends did really well. I was very grateful and proud, but now I hope that Xdinary Heroes will take over and make JYP rich.”

Gaon, who came in second, asked Park Jin-young, “I wonder how you overcame a slump when it came.” Park Jin-young said, “I made my debut, but I haven’t appeared on radio, broadcast, or TV for nearly a year. That was the most serious slump of what my life had been like, but the problem was I didn’t know how to solve it.” 

Also, when Gaon frankly confessed, “I still lack confidence in myself,” Jinyoung said, “You are very good at talking.” Gaon also said, “I was an introvert, but while preparing for my debut, I am not afraid of being photographed on camera, and I think what has changed the most is that I want to stand out.” 

In the meeting with O.de that followed, Park Jin-young couldn’t hide his laughter as he watched the evaluation video at the end of the month. Park Jin-young said, “You are really good. I really like the sense of beat and rhythm.” 

Park Jin-young said to Jung-soo, “If today is better than yesterday, and next year is better than this year, then you will succeed unconditionally.”

Xdinary Heroes, who made their debut with the strong support of Park Jin-young, the leader of the music industry in Korea, is showing off their performance power through DAY6’s ‘It’s not a joke’, and ‘Nothing But Thieves’ ‘Impossible’ videos on the YouTube channel ‘it’s LIVE’, KNTV official YouTube channel in Japan.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr

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