Jung Il Woo Thanks Lee Jung Hyun For Sending Gift To Set Of New Drama

Jung Il Woo and the cast and crew of his new drama got a boost of support from Lee Jung Hyun!

On April 1, Jung Il Woo shared a photo of himself in front of a coffee truck sent by Lee Jung Hyun. The actor is currently filming the Channel A drama “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” (literal title).

A banner on the truck reads, “To the cast and crew of ‘Late Night Snack Man and Woman,’ enjoy a refreshing drink and also please show actor Jung Il Woo a lot of love. From, actress Lee Jung Hyun.”

Jung Il Woo wrote in the caption, “Thank you, Jung Hyun! You gave me strength!! The staff are really enjoying it too. Thank you.”

He tagged Lee Jung Hyun and added hashtags for “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” and the variety show “New Item Release, Convenience Store Restaurant” (literal title). Both Jung Il Woo and Lee Jung Hyun are cast members on this variety show where celebrities create new dishes from convenience store ingredients.

Jung Il Woo will play the lead role of star chef Park Jin Sung in “Late Night Snack Man and Woman.”

Watch Jung Il Woo in “Haechi” below!

Top Left Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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