Jun Hyun Moo was rude to YouTuber Park Mak Rye grandma? – KpopHit

Article: Jun Hyun Moo under controversy for looking down on YouTuber Park Mak Rye grandma? Character controversy “He was rude to her”

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+4,475, -354] I understand that it was a live broadcast and he was under a time crunch… but he knows that she’s older and struggling to use a folder phone so when he told her “You’re treating this like it’s your personal live show” two or three times, it sounded like he was nagging her about it. I doubt Yoo Jae Suk or Shin Dong Yeob would’ve said something like that to her in the same situation.

2. [+4,322, -334] Jun Hyun Moo is teetering on the edge lately

3. [+4,227, -330] I can’t stand him, you could tell he wasn’t even trying to hide his facial expressions anymore

4. [+526, -14] Last time he made Hani cry by bringing up Junsu. Meanwhile this year, he was looking pissed off any time anyone mentioned Lee Hye Sung. Don’t like him ㅠ

5. [+439, -15] Jun Hyun Moo is so bad at live MCing, I don’t know why he keeps taking this stuff… He made Hani cry, he made So Ji Sub do push ups, he made Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In reenact scenes from their drama… he’s totally rude~~

6. [+383, -13] Jun Hyun Moo, take a break if you’re struggling… you’re making yourself look worse and worse…

7. [+381, -13] He treats people like this and then looks like he’s going to hit someone whenever someone’s getting on his nerves ㅋㅋ he totally discriminates people based on prestige

8. [+312, -7] This is not new. Even in his older videos, you can see by the way he talks and acts that he looks down on people.

9. {+309, -6] Jun Hyun Moo only treats people well when they’re famous ㅋ doesn’t even want to deal with anyone lower than that

10. [+213, -11] This is why character is important. There’s a reason Yoo Jae Suk is treated with God status.

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