JoKwon And CLC’s SeungYeon Takes On Miley Cyrus ‘Midnight Sky’ Through Their Dance Collaboration With HEROCKETDAN | Kpophit – KpopHit

Do you enjoy watching special dance videos and performance put up by K-Pop idols?

These days, many K-Pop idols are showing off their dancing skills through various platforms. One of the examples would be by M2 “Studio Choom” where many fans get to see the other side of their favourite idols.

On Feb. 22, an amazing dance performance video of JoKwon and CLC
‘s SeungYeon were uploaded!

They had danced to Miley Cyrus‘s ‘Midnight Sky’ together with HEROCKETDAN. Check out the stunning video below.

All of them look gorgeous and charming with their unique and attention catching dance moves.

Fans who had watched the video love how they had directed the entire performance and enjoyed seeing JoKwon and SeungYeon showing off their dancing skills.

Some also shared that they hope to see even more idols come up with such original and amazing content in the future as they get to see the other sides of them.

Did you also enjoy the special performance video?




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