Jo Bo Ah Greets Park Hae Jin In A Surprising Way In “Forest”

Jo Bo Ah and Park Hae Jin’s relationship in “Forest” just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.


In a previous episode of “Forest,” a small misunderstanding between Kang San Hyuk (Park Hae Jin) and Jung Young Jae (Jo Bo Ah) leads to Kang San Hyuk becoming quite jealous. The incident in question? Jung Young Jae saying that she would be meeting up with her ex-boyfriend, who’d been living abroad.

The whole misunderstanding ends with a confession, after Kang San Hyuk leaves an important meeting to break up what he believes is a date, rather than two people meeting as acquaintances.

In the new stills for “Forest,” Jung Young Jae and Kang San Hyuk run into each other while on bike rides. Jung Young Jae surprises Kang San Hyuk by greeting him with a small kiss on the cheeky. Kang San Hyuk freezes in shock, while Jung Young Jae rides away with a shy smile on her face.

The production team behind “Forest” said of the couple, “Park Hae Jin and Jo Bo Ah have begun a bright and refreshing romance, creating a couple that will freely melt the hearts of our viewers. We hope that you all anticipate this week’s episode.”

The new episodes of “Forest” will air this Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST.

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