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“Forest” dropped new stills ahead of this week’s broadcast!

The KBS drama is about a man who has everything but a heart, a woman who has lost everything but her heart, and how they discover themselves and the secrets of a mysterious forest. Jo Bo Ah plays Jung Young Jae, a skilled surgeon who wants to teach a lesson to people who show off. Noh Kwang Sik plays Choi Chang who grew up without any financial concerns thanks to his father but went against his father’s wishes in order to follow his dream of being an emergency rescue team member.

In the new stills, Jung Young Jae and Choi Chang are enjoying lunch together. He takes her to a popular chicken baeksuk (Korean boiled chicken dish) restaurant, and she looks overjoyed when he hands her a large chicken leg.

It is said that Jo Bo Ah showed an entertaining reaction to the food, which is something she learned to do through her experience on the variety show “Baek Jong Won‘s Alley Restaurant.” Her facial expressions changed continuously from the moment the boiled chicken arrived to the moment they ate it all.

The production crew said, “Please look forward to seeing what kind of relationship Jung Young Jae will have with Choi Chang, who voluntarily stepped in to guide her through the strange forest life.”

“Forest” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST.

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