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On October 1, singer-actress Jiyeon participated in an interview with SPOTV News, during which she shared her love for T-ara.

After debuting as a member of T-ara in 2009, Jiyeon has now been working in the entertainment industry for 10 years. In July, the girl group celebrated their 10-year debut anniversary. The members are currently promoting individually as singers and actors, but their friendship remains strong.

About the possibility of a T-ara reunion, Jiyeon said, “We’re continuing to talk about that. There are some realistic aspects, but the members are talking about how it would be good to stand on stage as T-ara again even if it’s not right now. We’re all of the same mind.”

JTBC recently aired “Camping Club,” a reality show that chronicled the reunion of first-generation girl group Fin.K.L. “I got emotional and cried while watching ‘Camping Club,’” revealed Jiyeon. “The seniors have moved past that process and step in order to promote together. We’re also in that process and in the middle of getting past that step. We also want to become like those seniors.”

She added, “The members talk about various things amongst ourselves. We wouldn’t have been able to endure it if we didn’t have each other. We’re like family. We have many happy memories. I miss it. It was my youth.”

Check out Jiyeon in “I Wanna Hear Your Song” now!

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Watch the latest episode of “Camping Club” below:

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