Jessica Sends Sweet Gift To Krystal To Show Her Support For Her New Movie

The bond that the Jung sisters share is so cute!

On November 10, Krystal uploaded a post via Instagram of herself posing in front of a coffee truck. In the post, she revealed that the coffee truck had been sent to the filming location of her upcoming film Sweet And Sour by none other than her sister Jessica! The banner that hung beside Krystal said,

Good luck to all the actors and staff of Sweet And Sour! Hwaiting to my Soojung! From Jessica~


In the caption, Krystal thanked her big sister in the sweetest way.

The caption says,

who has a big sis sweeter than mine

She then uploaded a second post where she put a sticker of her and Jessica on her face, smiling adorably at the camera!

The caption says,

Feeling good

JungSis FTW!

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