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Jeong Jinwoon has spoken up about rumors that he was a member of a chatroom with Jung Joon Young.

In April, rumors arose that the cast of JTBC’s “Hitmaker” were part of a chatroom with Jung Joon Young. The chatroom was originally created with a purpose of sharing notices necessary for the filming of “Hitmaker,” but Jung Joon Young reportedly shared an illegally taken photo of a flight attendant and mentioned the ordering of prostitution services abroad.

As Jeong Jinwoon filmed “Hitmaker” with Jung Joon Young, he became a suspected participant of the chatroom. Following the news, Jeong Jinwoon’s agency responded that because the singer is serving in the military, it would be difficult to confirm the facts.

On October 1, Jeong Jinwoon posted on his official fan cafe and addressed the rumors directly.

The following is the statement from Jeong Jinwoon:

After reading comments following my previous post, I had a lot of thoughts. Because I know it’s not true, I believed people who love me would think the same without a doubt. My agency plans to release a press release and tell the truth, but I decided to write this post because I figured it is right for me to tell you first and set your mind at ease. I apologize for having to make you wait for so long.

Unlike what the articles say, the chatroom was created for the purpose of filming. It was a chatroom that could be used in broadcast if needed. You would have seen it while watching the program. It was a chatroom that we did not use post-filming, unless we were checking up on each other.

As to the kind of conversation that went on in the chatroom, I cannot remember as it has been too long. However, I hope you know that I’m not the kind of person to enjoy reading something as uncomfortable as [what had been reported].

What I remember for sure is that I have never seen or shared such an uncomfortable video. If I had done that, I would not be able to serve in the military and promote normally. That’s why I figured it would be okay to let you guys know slowly. I’m very apologetic and upset. I was also not running away.

I’ve always been thinking about when the right time would be to let you know. I’m telling you first because I thought fans might get even more upset if I were to wait longer. The things I will say in the press release, I will talk with my agency before letting you know. However, this is a place for us. I’m writing this without consulting with my agency. I hope you know how heavy my heart is.

To fans who got upset after reading my previous post and fans who have waited for this post, I’m so sorry. Thank you for reading my statement.

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