JB Relieves His Stress By Dissing Park Jinyoung And His Members Join

JB of GOT7 has always been involved in composing and producing music, which is great as the leader of GOT7. On Hyena On The Keyboard, JB went to show some of his composed songs to Park Jinyoung, the head of JYP Entertainment.

JB reveals how strict Park Jinyoung is on music and how he only needs to listen to a song for a few seconds before he gives his opinion on it. All 3 of his songs got some constructive criticism, each having a different comment from Park Jinyoung. His first song was criticized for being too basic and that it could potentially be just a song you listen for the first time and then forget about it.

The second was criticized for being too foreign and something that the Korean public wouldn’t like. It’s kind of weird hearing this comment because of how many foreign fans love GOT7.

The final song was given praise, but that doesn’t mean JB wasn’t stressed by this whole situation. He goes to relieve his stress by bowling with Youngjae and Yugyeom and tells him how feels after presenting his songs.

It’s funny because everything kept going wrong for JB and the situation kept getting worse for him.

Youngjae eventually got “revenge” for JB and jokingly took disses at Park Jinyoung while they were bowling. JB even seemed satisfied by all this and probably relieved his stress a little.

In the end, Park Jinyoung was just giving constructive criticism for JB in order to make him a better composer and be able to fix some of the flaws he saw.

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