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The main story that has captured the attention of at least the nation in America if not the world is the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, and if you haven’t followed the story, then I implore you to look into it.

It’s painful to watch and it should be. If you can find the entire video and believe you can handle viewing it, then I recommend that you do as it leaves a lasting impression. His death has rightfully resonated with many and has launched calls against the police as well as nationwide protests. It should be noted that while this was the catalyst, it’s more of a critical mass event in terms of the injustice that has happened since, well, this country was founded.

Among those speaking out are some Asian celebrities, with Jay Park’s probably being the most thorough of taking action but also understanding why.

Others include ph-1, Simon D, Big Naughty, and Flowsik.

Everybody is free to take their words or leave them, but I for one am glad to see it no matter what they’ve done in their past.


Speaking of all this, I want to take a moment to go a bit mask off. While you could probably figure out my politics from reading the site, I usually don’t directly mention it, but I’m rather done at the moment with all the bullshit.

I don’t want to hear the shit about riots either, they don’t come about for no reason.

Similarly, I usually keep donations private as I don’t believe attention whoring or whatever is appropriate if you’re truly doing it altruistically (as much as one can be). However, in this case, I do want to make contributions public so as to encourage others to help what you can as well, and if the worst I have to suffer is assholes saying it’s for clout or whatever then fuck it, that’s nothing.

There are so many funds that you could support locally if you can, but I’ve contributed to three worthy ones.

George Floyd

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Unicorn Riot

I’ll probably be adding more to that list as this goes on, but for now I’d like to focus on those three.

Times are tough, I understand this, but I’ve always believed no amount is too small when it comes to donations. So if you are lucky enough to have any amount you can spare during this harrowing time, please also consider supporting.

Thank you.

Source: AsianJunkie

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