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It doesn’t have a happy ending.

A young Japanese sugar baby is far from living an ordinary life. Mai Watanabe, also known as “Itadaki-joshi Riri-chan” (Sugar Baby Riri-chan), made headlines for committing fraud, writing a guidebook about it, and using the money to fund a male host. Yet despite her huge earnings, she didn’t live in the best conditions.

Mai Watanabe | りりちやんはホームレスです

In Japan’s Ibaraki prefecture, Watanabe was tried in court for swindling $182,500 from a 50-year-old male customer.


She convinced him to transfer money after telling stories like how she borrowed money from an acquaintance to open an apparel business. “If I don’t pay it back, I’ll have to sell my body at a brothel,” she lied.

But this man isn’t the only person Watanabe conned. She is said to have scammed an undisclosed number of men out of over 160 million yen (approximately $1.08 million).


The content creator even used her experience to write and sell guidebooks to women on how to con men into transferring them money through paid dating schemes by pretending to be their sugar babies. The manuals were priced between $68 and $135, and she earned an estimated $133,000 in total from them.

After accumulating all that money, you’d think she lived in luxury. But the sad truth is that when she was arrested, she was living at a capsule hotel because she had given everything away to her favorite male host, Tanaka Hiroshi. The 26-year-old works in a host club in Kabukicho and goes by the name Kamiya Ayumu, and he also shares his day-to-day life in YouTube videos.


In one such video, he showed off stacks of cash that Watanabe gifted him. But the title of the video is, ironically, “The 4 Characteristics Of Women At Host Clubs You Should Be Wary Of.”


Netizens speculated that Watanabe will likely receive a prison sentence without parole. By the time she’s released, she’ll be over 30 years old.

Meanwhile, learn how a popular Japanese activity endangered 500+ people in the article below.

Author: Christine Fernandez from www.koreaboo.com

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